Cuboree – WOW …What a great time !!!!!

Well Cuboree has now come and gone but the memories will live on forever. by all accounts this was the best Cuboree ever and the cubs leaders and parent helpers have all returned on a massive high.

There are so many people to thank for their amazing effort to make the camp such a great success, but none more than Michael Wong. His amazing leadership and communication ensured smooth running and success. A great big thanks to the leaders, Lianne, Jessica and Craig and parent helpers, Dean, Richie, Sue and John who made the camp such a wonderful experience for the cubs.

Thanks to Chris, Craig and all the parents who helped setup and pull down the camp (and cleaned up back at the hall) for making the camp such a great place to be.

Just as the leaders start looking forward to the next Cuboree in 3 years, we hear the cubs are already planning to meet up at the Jamoree in 2019.