Joey Scouts Programme

6th Melbourne Joey Scouts – Term Two 2020

Online – Care and Share Badge




1 April

VIP day

Bring your family, pets and toys to joeys

Family or pet bingo

8 April

Easter Sleepover

Easter activities

Read books

Make up scary stories

15 April

Virtual travel

Live stream travel of galleries and zoos

22 April

Puppet power

Puppet show / toy show

Puppet making


29 April

Joeys at home

Video yourself doing your favourite Joey activity/experiment for the mob

6 May

Where am I?

Scavenger hunt around the house

Reverse hide and seek (you hide, we guess where you are)

13 May

Community night

Chalk the pavement,

We are going on a bear hunt,

Hello notes to neighbours

Plant a tree (or just do some gardening)

20 May

Comedy central

Dress up

Telling funny stories/Jokes

Chinese whispers


27 May

Joeys online


Joey email or group chat

Letter writing?


3 June

Artists of 6th Melbourne

Free choice Joey craft – paper mache, drawing, sculpting

Woggle making

10 June

Shadow play

Shadow drawing next to a window or light

Shadow puppets

Spinning moving shadow thing

17 June

Lets get physical!

Dance night

24 June

Mob council

Although we will be doing more plan. Do, review during nights to get the hang of this thing we will have a night where joeys can fully plan what they want to do and plan for next “term”