Explorer (Blue) Cord Hike – The Beeripmo Walk

On Feb 20 an adventurous bunch of 6th Melbourne Scouts wanting to complete their Explorer (Blue) Cord Hike started walking with all their gear for the next 2 days on their backs.  28 hours later, they completed the Beeripmo Walk, as experienced bushwalkers!  Congratulations to scouts Yo, Sophia, Yvonne and Matthew, shown below at various stages of their hike.




Operation Night Owl Report

6th Melbourne Scouts entered Operation Night Owl as the Raging Rabbits patrol, lead by PL Alex.  Lerderderg Region hosts this annual hiking competition, and this year, about 250 Scouts plus their Leaders setup camp at Treetops Scout Camp, on Saturday afternoon, 12th September, in preparation for an evening departure.

It was pleasing to see our patrol of 7 Scouts complete the hike independently and without incident, covering 12 kms and 7 activity bases between 7:45 PM and 2 AM – that’s 6 hours of hiking in dark bushland.

Setting up camp before the night hike.
Setting up camp before the night hike.


Our 6th Melbourne Scouts demonstrated resilience and team work to a high degree.  Congratulations to Yo, Kenneth, Matilda, Dylan, Sophia S., Yvonne, and Alex!

Whilst we didn’t get to keep the Night Owl trophy, which we won last year, it has flown only as far as Footscray and the challenge awaits next year….

Closing Parade on Sunday morning.
Closing Parade on Sunday morning.
Night hikers having Noodles at Base 4
Night hikers from the Region tucking into Noodles at Base 4

How to win Gold at Stradbroke Cup

These photos were taken at Easter time, when 6th Melbourne Scouts competed in the Lerderderg Region Stradbroke Cup camp, held at Treetops.  Our Scouts entered with a Patrol Name ‘Ragin’ Rabbits’.  They spent four nights under canvas and were assessed on their ability to independently set up and maintain a high standard of camping over 4 days and nights.  As well as the camping there were fun and challenging activities every day, a movie night, a Daryl-Dollar market night, a long-table dinner, and a visit from cousin Ester Bunny.  Congratulations go to PL Michael and APL Alex, who ran a tight ship, ably assisted by Sofia, Matilda, Yvonne, Tamsin and Sophia. The Patrol was awarded a Gold pennant, which makes 6th Melbourne a co-holder of the Stradbroke Cup for 2015.   And there is some talk about entering the next competition as a girls-only patrol so watch out guys!

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Big Blue Hike Weekend 20 – 22nd March

Kingston Scout Group hosted the Big Blue Hike weekend 20 – 22 March, in the Bunyip State Forest, for Scouts wanting to complete the requirements for their Explorer (Blue) hike, a journey of at least 15 km over two days, carrying their food, clothing and camping equipment.  Along the journey, and at the overnight camp, Scouts were trained and tested on Explorer Campcraft skills.  The hike completed on Sunday at 12 noon, with a Parade and award presentation ceremony.

6th Melbourne’s Kenneth was our only participant, and I am very pleased to say that Kenneth was successful in completing the hike and in obtaining his Explorer Campcraft Badge.  Congratulations Kenneth on an extraordinary effort!  A full report will be given at our next Scout meeting.  Here is a snapshot of the weekend’s activity…click image to  expand thumbnails.P1070643 (640x360)P1070635 (640x360)





P1070637 (640x360)P1070638 (640x360)





P1070644 (640x360)P1070639 (640x360)P1070641 (640x360)




P1070642 (640x360)




P1070648 (640x360)P1070649 (360x640)




P1070653 (640x360)

Clean Up Australia – Moonee Ponds Creek

Monday 2nd March: Monday night’s Scout Meeting was a good opportunity for 6th Melbourne Scouts to fulfil our commitment to Clean Up Australia Day 2015.  Eleven Scouts walked down to the Moonee Ponds Creek and collected about 12 bags of rubbish, separating them into recyclables and general rubbish. Prizes were awarded to Ethan and Sophia L. for their energetic collection of the most garbage!

The activity included bird-watching.  We spotted two large water birds – a White-faced Heron and a Nankeen (Rufous) Night Heron.  It is encouraging to see these magnificent birds in the Moonee Ponds Creek corridor.

P1070451 (640x360)
Nankeen (Rufous) Night Heron in flight
P1070453 (640x360)
Scouts get started!
P1070458 (640x360)
A most unusual find – red fire extinguisher.
P1070464 (640x360)
Job well done – 12 bags full!

P1070455 (640x360) P1070457 (640x360) P1070463 (640x360)


Insect Survey – Royal Park

P1010775 (640x480)P1010781 (640x480)P1010793 (640x480)

Our Scouts were praised and thanked for helping out at the recent Insect Survey, held by Friends of Royal Park, on Sunday February 8th.  The Scouts found 57 different species of insects in just 50 metres!

Each insect was put into a small numbered jar for identification, and this was placed into a freezer for a short while, to allow a macro photo to be taken when the insect was slowed down. The photographs were examined and species identified by entomologist Roch, shown below teaching the scouts the method for collecting insects. The insects were placed back in the park after they recovered.P1010771 (640x480)

P1010777 (640x480) P1010779 (640x480)

6th Melbourne Wins Operation Night Hawk

Lerderderg Night Hawk parade with the winning patrol front and centre.
Lerderderg Night Hawk parade with the winning patrol front and centre.

On 13th & 14th September, the Scouts participated in a Regional Event called Operation Night Hawk, a patrol hiking competition designed to test night time navigation skills.  This was the first time Operation Night Hike has been run in Victoria.  The event was run by Lerderderg Region in the grounds of Eumeralla Scout Camp, near Anglesea.  Many troops from across the western suburbs of Melbourne were represented in the 33 patrols, totalling about 160 Scouts.  Weather was mild, as the sky was cloud-covered and there was no wind.  However, the full moon was obscured and as the Scouts found, the navigation maps were tricky!  Our patrol, lead by Henry, was the last scheduled starter at 8:10 pm and they did not return from the 12km navigation exercise until after 1 am.   We were encouraged by reports from Henry that everybody contributed their skills, the patrol stayed together, worked as a team and they only got ‘geographically embarassed’ once.   Imagine our surprise and delight to hear the results at the Final Parade the next morning – our 6th Melbourne patrol had won the inaugural Lerderderg Operation Night Hawk competition!!!   Congratulations to the patrol of Kenneth, Sofia, Nathan, Yo, Kai and Henry.  They can feel very proud of their team effort in representing 6th Melbourne so successfully.  Below photos are from the Final Parade. Click on an image to enlarge.

Waiting for the results at Final Parade6th Melb wins the prize for activity stunt at base 3.P1050366

Elated 6th Melbourne Night HawksP1050377