Patrol Information and Monthly Competition

The patrol competition consists of a series of activities run throughout the term program in which the patrols compete against each other to achieve points and ultimately the right to hold the shield for the next term.

The term winners will be the patrol with the highest total score over the term and the prize is a box of chocolates to share.

The overall yearly Patrol winners will be the patrol that has the highest total score over all four terms.

Current Patrols
 OPL: Tabitha De Los Santos Luca Dwyer Molly Rawson
PL: Abbie Brierely Arcadia Merlot Maya Barr Mason Morrice
APL: Liam Clark Madeleine Beck Henry Brook Joshua Bence
Tom Hoi Luca Morrice Kaitlyn Hoi Ewen Lawrie
Aaron Tran Amelie Sandilands Dylan Saker Luke Brown
Raph Hellier Kelly Maisie Baker Zach Russo Daniel Morris
Gus De Los Santos Max Day
Leaderboard Term 2 2020
Points tally Win = 4 points Second = 3 points Third = 2 points Fourth = 1 point
Tassie Tigers Penguins Razor Wallabies Falcons