Joey Scouts Programme

6th Melbourne Joey Scouts – Term Three 2020

Online – Care and Share Badge



23 July


Mug cake again


Draw the Australian flag – see what they remember – everyone will then have their own flag – write flag facts on the flag

30 July


Treasure map of house – with north, legend

Flashcards with common map symbols


Talk about conquering challenges badge (at home camping)

Talk about how to prepare for a hike

6 August

Minute to win it + pipe cleaner glasses Tom + Rach

13 August


Care and share (donate long life food to a local donation place) Rach


Shoe lace tying

Woggle making

Chocolate cards

20 August


Care and share (grow a seed/plant)

Making ooblek


Talk about new milestone badges. How do we participate, how do we assist, how do we lead?

27 August


Paper plane night

Start making paper chains for when we go back to the hall