Scout Hike – State-Wide Hiking Event


Scouthike is an annual, state-wide hiking event for around 1200 scouts. It is held within a State Forest early in May each year. In 2022, Scouthike will be held in Tallarook State Forest on Friday 13th – 15th May. Branch First Aid, 4×4 and Radio teams work together with the Scouthike organizing committee to provide services and support for this highly successful event. Scouthike has a theme base each year, with every person, Sleep point and activity site being asked to dress-up to the theme each year, so increasing the fun aspect of the weekend.

On Friday evening Scout Patrols from metropolitan Melbourne are transported by coaches, whilst regional patrols travel by private transport, to a leader operated Sleep-point in Tallarook State Forest. The PL’s are provided with a map, a list of grid references for Activity and Sleep Point locations, and a Patrol Passport which includes their instructions. Patrols plot the Activity points and decide which route they want to take throughout the weekend. After breakfast on Saturday morning, Competition Patrols set off hiking between Activities to their designated Saturday Sleep Point. Sunday morning they head off again to finish at a central Finish Point, from where they are collected by the coaches or private transport and travel back to their original departure location. Learner Patrols are also provided for, although they are accompanied by a Mentor Leader on their hike, walk with a half full pack and return to the same Sleep point on Saturday night (their tent and sleeping gear stays set-up).

Each Activity is a Patrol-based exercise provided by Leaders, Rovers and Venturers. Those which are not purely fun are based on Scout Skills, usually linked to a requirement in the Core Outdoor Adventure Skills , stage 3 or 4 of the Achievement Pathways. Patrols are assessed at each Activity as a team in four aspects: “Leadership”, “Planning”, “Attitude and Enthusiasm” and “Overall Achievement”. The total of their weekend scores determine if they are Gold, Silver, Bronze or Competition standard. Competitive Patrols earning Gold Standard, are “Co-holders” of the Annual Scouthike Trophy and have the right to proudly display it at Group and other special occasions. Learner patrols all receive a Competitive pennant.

There are a number of purposes for Scouthike:

  • To encourage all scouts to get out and experience hiking and lightweight camping. Scouts can select to participate as either competitor or learner patrols.

  • As an introduction for easy hiking and lightweight camping for those scouts who have little or no experience.

  • As a competitive hike for those patrols wanting an additional challenge in their yearly calendar.

  • To encourage Scouters to assist their scouts in developing the knowledge and skills (i.e. lightweight camping, hiking, map reading, compass reading, estimation, first aid, construction, cooking etc.) needed for the weekend, through their weekly programs prior to the event.

  • To provide a great weekend where Scouters can assist in providing a major event for a wide range of scouts, joining together with many other Scouters.

More Information: HERE

INTERESTED: Tell your Scout Leader . They will book you in as a member of a Patrol

When is it?

5:00 PM to 4:00 PM, Friday, 13 May 2022 to Sunday, 15 May 2022

Where is it?

Tallarook State Forrest
Tallarook VIC 3659

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