Cub Pack Programme 2020 – term 3 and still Zooming!

Update to parents on Sunday 12 July 2020:

It’s week 1 of Term 3 virtual Cubbing, we’d hoped we’d be back doing in-person Cubbing by now but unfortunately that’s not possible as yet. We’ll be doing Cubs virtually for the next few weeks once again.

We will continue running our entire program virtually including investitures, badge presentations, and other elements of Cub Scouts we normally run in the hall.

The parent helper roster (below) will be active again this term as we need two adults (one leader and one parent) in each of the 2 breakout rooms we’ll be splitting into at times during the meetings. There will be 2 families rostered each Tuesday night. If your family is unable to assist on your rostered night please swap with another family. When you are a parent helper you can either join us on the same device as your Cub or a different device, whichever works best for your family. You are also more than welcome to join us even when not rostered.

Please ensure your Cub has a piece of paper and pen/pencil for the night’s activities and download the Zoom client at if you haven’t already.


  • An adult must be home with the youth member at all times. Parents should be in ear shot, or engaged in the meeting – e.g. the Cub can be at the bench/kitchen table whilst an adult is in earshot.
  • Parents are welcome to join or check in on the meeting at any time.
  • Everyone must be in uniform and wearing their scarf.
  • No inappropriate language.
  • Only use the chat function for constructive comments.
  • Only annotate the screen when asked to by one of the leaders or adults.
  • During certain meeting times, we mute all and have to raise hand to speak.
  • No virtual backgrounds, rotating video, or using voice-altering software/functions (as these reduce the quality of the video call and distract other Cubs).
  • Cubs must not use virtual Zoom backgrounds or change the orientation of their video outside of the set time for this at the end of the night, as this distracts the other Cubs and disrupts the night. After a warning we will be turning off video for a few minutes for Cubs who disrupt the meeting again in this way. They will still be able to hear and see the meeting during that time.


  • Use a desktop/laptop or tablet device with a stand. It is very difficult for Cubs to engage in the meeting or see the shared screen using a phone device.
  • Set your Cub up in a relatively quiet place e.g. away from the television and other children.
  • If possible, please set your Cub up with earphones/headphones to reduce room echo and/or microphone feedback.

If you have any questions about any of the above or if there’s anything we’ve missed please contact us at

Yours in Scouting,
6th Melbourne Cub Scout Leaders
Rahul Barmanray (Akela), Kerry Morrow (Kaa), Jon Baker (Ikki)

DateDuty SixLocationParent Helper 1Parent Helper 2
21 JulyGreyZoomShen FamilyThomas Tran
28 JulyBrownZoom Tran (Jessica) FamilyDana Bonacci
4 AugBlackZoomWarren FamilyBrierley Family
11 AugWhite Zoom Brook FamilyBurston Family
18 AugGrey Zoom Byard FamilyThomas Tran
25 AugBrown Zoom Chesher FamilyDana Bonacci
1 SeptBlack TBCClark FamilyDe Los Santos Family
8 SeptWhite TBCHarrison FamilyJenkins Family
15 SeptGrey TBCLawrie FamilyMartin Family