Cub Scout Pack Programme Term Four 2019

Hello cubs and parents,

Welcome to term 4 at 6th Melbourne Cubs and the final part of our “Elemental” themed year. This term our “Wind” themed program is sure to blow the Cubs away!

Please note that cubs starts at 6:30pm sharp.
Cubs are reminded to attend every night ready for Pack inspection, which includes:

  • Wearing their uniform (Cub shirt; dark-coloured shorts, pants, or skirt; scarf neatly rolled and held by a woggle; badges neatly sewn on) – Unless advised to attend in costume or other clothes.
  • Having cleaned their hair, face, hands, and teeth, with nails trimmed.
  • Having their yellow ‘Cub Scout Record Book’ (the “Yellow Book”).
  • Having a pen or pencil to write with.

While parents can and should remind their Cubs to ensure they are ready for inspection it is the Cub’s responsibility to do the above.

Date Theme and activity Leader Duty Six Duty Family Adult Helper
8 October The winds of history Akela White Brierley
11-13 October Pack Holiday Akela
15 October -NO CUBS-
22 October Ride like the wind Bullseye Ikki Grey Brown Tran
25-27 October Family Camp
29 October March of the wailing wounded Kaa Brown Byard
5 November -NO CUBS-
12 November We’re not in Kansas anymore Kaa Black Chesher
Sunday 17 November The breeze blowing across the water at 15th Essendon Akela White Harrison
19 November -NO CUBS-
26 November The spirit of community Ikki Grey Jenkins Tran
3 December Flags flying in the wind Akela Brown Lawrie
10 December The Cub cyclone strikes (joint night with 15th Essendon) Akela Black Martin
Wednesday 11 December District break-up at Sunshine Roller Skate Centre – BOOK NOW
Monday 16 December Group break-up Footscray Park