About 6th Melbourne Scout Group

6th Melbourne Scout Group has a proud 100 year history, and is the City of Melbourne’s only remaining Scout Group. We are committed to continuing a strong and proud tradition of inspiring our children to become conscientious and confident community members. We are fortunate to have a strong team of leaders and an energetic committee and are an example of how a community and the Scouting movement can work together for our youth. As a result we have experienced strong growth and are looking forward to a bright future.

6th Melbourne is part of the Moonee Valley District under the Victorian Branch of Scouts Australia.


Scouting is open to boys and girls and is all about teaching children and young adults to “Be Prepared” for life’s challenges and helping them to develop a strong sense of self and community responsibility. We aim to help kids achieve their full potential.

Scouting provides an environment which fosters leadership and encourages tolerance and consideration of others. Scouts also learn to respect and care for the environment, and to ‘give back’ to the community.

Scouting keeps kids mentally and physically active through problem-solving activities and outdoor pursuits such as bushwalking, water sports, aerial challenges, bushcraft, camping, kayaking, abseiling, climbing and other activities.


Scouts are separated into age-based Sections – Joey Scouts (5 – 8), Cub Scouts (8 – 11), Scouts (11 – 15), Venturer Scouts (15 – 18) and Rovers (18 – 25), with each Section taking more responsibility for their own activities as they progress. This provides an environment for kids to develop with peers of similar age and ability, ensures they have the opportunity to develop leadership skills and undertake more adventurous activities tailored to their abilities as they grow.

Joey Scouts (age 5 – 8)

Joey Scouts introduces boys and girls between the ages of six and eight to the world of friendship, problem-solving and adventure through stories, games and craft activities. As a Joey you might fly a kite, go bushwalking, go to the beach, or visit a fire station, zoo or farm. You’ll learn to jump in and help other people, and to share with your friends.

The 6th Melbourne Group does not currently run a Joey Scouts section, but we are looking to commence one shortly. To register you interest in joining the Joey Scouts and to be kept informed of our progress please send us your contact details.

Cub Scouts (age 8 – 11)

Become a Cub Scout and get into heaps of seriously exciting indoor and outdoor activities like camping, bushwalking, canoeing, sailing and billy-karting and great opportunities to meet new friends and build self-esteem. For more information visit the Cub Scouts Web Page.

Scouts (age 11 – 15)

Scouts allows boys and girls to develop their confidence and learn to work as part of a team whilst exploring the wilderness, helping the community, photographing wild animals, sending coded messages, canoeing down a swift river, hiking , camping out and more. For more information visit the Scouts Web Page.

Venturer Scouts (age 15 – 18)

Venturer Scouts is built around a do-it-yourself program of fun and adventure. Venturers run their own Venturer Unit (with adult guidance) and get involved in outdoor activities, writing, performing and community service initiatives.

The 6th Melbourne Group does not currently run a Venturer Unit, but we are looking for leaders who might be interested in establishing one. To register you interest in joining and to be kept informed of our progress please send us your contact details.


We appreciate that all parents are concerned about the well-being of their children, which is why Scouts gives child safety the highest priority. Scouts Australia has a National Safe Practice Policy as well as a National Risk Management System which has been developed in conjunction in accordance with AS/NZS 4360-2004, for details visit the Victorian State Scouting Branch.