About Venturers

Build your confidence, work as part of a team, be involved in amazing activities and Be Prepared for any challenge that life may throw at you.

Scouts allows boys and girls to develop their confidence and learn to work as part of a team. Once you become a Scout you could find yourself exploring a mountain wilderness, helping in emergency rescues, photographing wild animals, sending coded messages, searching for gold, canoeing down a swift river, hiking and camping out in the bush or sailing across the ocean with the salt spray in your face. Build your confidence, make decisions, work as part of a team… and Be Prepared for any challenge that life may throw at you.

Scout Badges and Awards

Badges available under the Scout Award Scheme are designed to develop life skills, awareness, self confidence and leadership qualities in participants. Visit the following link for full details about the Scout Award Scheme.

Meeting Times

Scouts meet once a week at our Scout Hall, 55 McCracken Street Kensington, (see location map). Meetings are not held during school holidays. Meetings Monday 6:30 – 8:30pm.


Minimal annual fees are payable as well as costs associated with the uniform and occasional camps and other excursions.


The official uniform consists of a shirt, scarf and woggle. The Scout shirt is green and blue and must be purchased by each member. At 6th Melbourne we will supply the first scarf and woggle on investiture.

To view the uniform and latest prices visit The Scouts Shop online, or for your nearest Snowgum store click here.

Badge Placement

Badges need to be placed in the correct location on uniforms. A guide to badge placement can be viewed here.

Come and Try Us

Children are welcome to come and see what Scouts is all about before they commit. If you are interested please contact our Group Leader.

Managing Allergies

If your child has an allergy or asthma the leaders need to be aware of please complete the relevant Allergy/Asthma Action Plan, found in our forms, and ensure the leader is given this.