Billy Cart Building – A Patrol Activity

Billy Cart Building – A Patrol Activity 18/01/2014
by Michael Davis

Participating scouts Michael Davis, Gene McLay, Kenneth Wong and Thomas Bramich

Gene, Kenneth and Thomas met at my place (Michael) and we made plans to build a billy cart for the Kensington billy cart race on Australia Day down Macaulay Road.

We organized the wood, paint and things we had and then scavenged some wood left for hard rubbish across the park from my house.  My dad took us to Bunnings to get wheels and rope and big bolts.

We built the billy cart to specifications on the race form then painted it.

IMG_3404 IMG_0791 IMG_0777 IMG_0788IMG_0782 IMG_0785 IMG_0786 IMG_0793IMG_0796 IMG_0797

Kenneth and I tested it out on the hills at Holland Park the next day after the paint had dried.


Michael - Testing IMG_3416


I drove the billy cart on the day and unfortunately placed third out of four but we had fun.

IMG_3588 IMG_3591



Powelltown Rail Trail – Adventurer Hike

Report by Ben Grant on the Adventurer Hike from 15 – 17th November 2013. Scouts participating were: Ben Grant, Sam Randle, Jack Walter, Jack Clausen, Quinn Higgs, Martin Burke, Leonardo Morandini.

“I arrived at the scout hall on Friday night and we packed our bags, got

into the cars, and drove to Powelltown. After a while, we found a spot

to camp, and set up our tents. It was then that we realized that the hike

was going to be full of leeches. In the morning, we had some porridge

and packed everything into our backpacks. Using our maps, the 7 of us

hiked 17 km through the bush on a path. Near the end, there was a very

steep hill that took us a long time to climb. That was the most difficult

part of the hike. After many snack breaks, we arrived at Starlings Gap,

where we set up our tents for the second night. Everyone was very tired

so we did nothing for a while. For dinner, we had Couscous surprise,

then everyone went to bed.

The next morning, we had breakfast, then set off for the remaining 13

km. Halfway through, I stepped on a snake, it was a scary experience,

but luckily it didn’t bite me. We made good progress that day and after

a couple of snack breaks, we reached the end — one hour early. It was

a great hike to go on and it was the last thing some of us needed to get

our Scout Medallions.”

Ben Grant

Scouts at Gilweroo 2013

We had two patrols attending Gilweroo 2013 at Bay Park, Mount Martha.  Many exciting, fun, new and dirty activities were tried and enjoyed by the twelve scouts that attended.

Melon helmet …..back
Melon helmet …..back
The melon helmet
The melon helmet
Bush Boards - flying leap
Bush Boards – flying leap
Gilweroo - November 2013
Gilweroo – November 2013
Screen printing
Screen printing
Camp fire winners
Camp fire winners
Bush boards
Bush boards


Lyalls challenge - only 1 of 8 to sucessfully make the low ropes into a high ropes course
Lyalls challenge – only 1 of 8 to sucessfully make the low ropes into a high ropes course
Flying fox
Flying fox