Scouts – Past Programs

TROOP CODE 3rd August 2020

1.  Wear the scout uniform and scarf to meetings.

2.  Show respect for everyone and listen to other scouts and leaders while they are talking.

3.  Always do your best, work together and support your patrol.

4.  Obey the scout law and keep to our scout promise.

5.  For Zoom meetings, use your real name and take turns talking. No virtual backgrounds. Don’t draw on other peoples screens. Keep camera on if possible.

6.  Never resort to violence, swearing or bullying. Be careful before accusing others.

7.  Be kind to others.

8.  Have fun

Term 4 2022





Challenge area

Leader Supporting


Monday 3rd Oct

WIDE Games





Monday 10th Oct

Practice for Scout Chef


Personal Growth



Wednesday 12 Oct

Scout Chef


Personal Growth



Monday 17th Oct

SIA Logging/ SES night



Richie, Faye?


Monday 24th Oct

Paracord night/knots

Tassie tigers




Monday 31st October

Cup Weekend Camp NO Scouts

Dylan ASA Hike





Thursday 3rd Nov

District Scout Council PLs





Monday 7th Nov

Lego night comp

Razor wallabies




Monday 14th Nov

Selfie scavenger hunt – Community Garden





Nov 18-20 2022

Gilweroo Camp





Monday 21st Nov

Talent show






Mindari Dinner LEADERS only





Thursday 1st Nov

Final Troop Council PLS, Apls





Monday 28th Nov

Airport customs tour or bike hike





Sunday 4th

Walter Murphy





Monday 5th Dec

Last night: Water activities/Canoes and BBQ

All Pl’s and Apl’s



Term 4 Troop Program 2019



Duty Patrol

Mon 7th Oct

Scavenger Hunt

Razor Wallabies

Mon 14th Oct

Wide Game


Mon 21st Oct



WE 26-27th Oct

Family Camp


Mon 28th Oct

Arts Night


Mon 4th Nov

Melbourne Observatory Tour


WE 8-10th Nov

Leadership Camp Altona


Mon 11th Nov

Board Game

Tassie Tigers

Fri 15-17th Nov



Mon 18th Nov

Recycling Night


Mon 25th Nov

Trivia Night


Mon 2nd Dec

Bike Maintenance

Tassie Tigers

Sat 7th Dec

Bike Hike- Islamic Museum

Penguins or Razor Wallabies

Mon 9th Dec

Laser Tag


Mon 16th Dec

Group Break up


Term 3  Troop Program 2019

Date Activity Duty Patrol
Mon, 15th July Wide Games Night – Chalk, Scavenger compass course Tassie Tigers
Mon, 22nd July Breaking the Cycle Penguins
Mon, 29th July Art Activity night Razor Wallabies
WE 2-4th Aug Mucked Up Tails Camp  
Mon, 5th Aug Knot games Penguins
WE 10-11th Aug Fantastic Race  
Mon, 12th Aug Scouts in Action – Aqua Activity Grant
Mon, 19th Aug Scout Chef Practice Night Falcons
WE 23-25th Aug August Leadership Course  
Mon, 26th Aug Hike Preparation Richie
Wed, 19th Aug Scout Chef (Wednesday)  
Mon, 2nd Sept Food Hygiene / Fire Safety – Smores night Tassie Tigers
WE 7-8th Sept Night Owl Overnight Hike  
Mon, 9th Sept Citizenship – Drug Awareness – Making good decisions Razor Wallabies
Mon, 16th Sept Rock Climbing – end of term Falcons
WE 27-29th Sept Survival Camp

Term 3 Troop Program 2019

Term 2 Troop Program 2019

Date Activity Duty Patrol
Thursday, 25 April ANZAC Day Commemoration and Gunfire Breakfast  
Sun, 28 April ANZAC Day Commemoration – North Melbourne Legion  
Sun, 28 April Paterson Paddle – District Rafting Race  
Mon, 29 April Wide Game Night  
Mon, 6 April MUT Presentation – Navigation Night – Hike Preparation  Razor Wallabies
Sat, 11 May   Yarra Night Paddle  
 Mon, 13 May  Karaoke, Fire Safety and S’mores  Razor Wallabies
 Mon, 20 May  Knots Night / Lasso Game  Falcons
 Mon, 27 May Moonee Valley District Theatresports   
 Sat, 1 June  Trek Cart Restoration – Heritage Centre Visit  
 Mon, 3 June  Disaster Chef  Tassie Tigers
 Mon, 10 June No parade – Queen’s Birthday   
 Sat, 15 June Enid Hookey – Celebration of the life of our Scout Leader   
 Mon, 17 June  Emergencies – Joint Activity night with Cubs  Penguins
 Mon, 24 June  Bounce  Penguins
Sat, 29 June Gang Show Matinee Performance

Term 1 Troop Program 2019

Date Activity Duty Patrol
Monday, 4 Feb 19 Lunar New Year Tassie Tigers
Monday, 11 Feb 19 Games all night Tassie Tigers
Monday, 18 Feb 19 Water Safety – Kenso Pool  
Monday, 25 Feb 19 Weather and Signalling Penguins
W/end 1-3 Mar 19 Canoe Level 1 Course (postponed TBD)  
Sunday, 3 Mar 19 Paterson Paddle (delayed until 28 Apr) and Clean up Australia day  
Monday, 4 Mar 19 Senses Tassie Tigers
W/end 9-11 Mar 19 Stradbroke Cup – Riddells Creek (delayed until Easter)  
Monday, 11 Mar 19 No Parade – Labour Day  
Monday, 18 Mar 19 TBD  
Sat, 23 Mar 19 Sailing – Albert Park Lake – To Be Confirmed  
Monday, 25 Mar 19 Hike and Expedition Preparation  
W/end 29-31 Mar 19 Top Gun Camp – Tentative  
Monday, 1 Apr 19 Their Service, Our Heritage Night  
W/end 27-28 Apr 19  Canoe Level 1 Course  
Sun, 28 Apr 19 Paterson Paddle

Term 4 Troop Program 2018

Date Activity Duty Patrol
Monday, 8 Oct 18 Knot-a-night Falcons
Monday, 15 Oct 18 Navigation Tassie Tigers
Monday, 22 Oct 18 Wide Games – Holland Park Tassie Tigers
Monday, 29 Oct 18 Games Night Razor Wallabies
Monday, 5 Nov 18 Badge Night Penguins
Monday, 12 Nov 18 Gilweroo Preparation Falcons
W/end 16-18 Nov 18 Gilweroo Activity Camp  
Monday, 19 Nov 18 Construction – Catapults  Penguins
W/end 24-25 Nov 18 Jamboree Preparation Camp  
Monday, 26 Nov 18 Police Station Visit  Falcons
Saturday, 1 Dec 18 Moonee Valley – Disability Awareness Activity  
Monday, 3 Dec 18 Aust Scout Medallion Pres’n and Bike Hike Tassie Tigers
Monday, 10 Dec 18 End of Term Outing – Laser Tag, Bowling & Escape Room Razor Wallabies
Tuesday, 11 Dec 18 Group Break-up  
 3 -15 January Australian Jamboree – SA  

Term 3 Troop Program 2018

Date Activity Duty Patrol
Monday, 16 July 18 NAIDOC Week – Local Indigeneous History Activity  
Monday, 23 July 18  Scout Chef – Troop Cooking Night  Penguins
Monday, 30 July 18 World Scout Day (1 Aug)  Razor Wallabies
Monday, 6 August 18  Karaoke Night  Razor Wallabies
W/end 10-12 August 18 Mucked Up Tails – Ch. 3 – Rowallan  
Monday, 13 August 18 National Science Week – Health and Fitness Science  Tassie Tigers
Sunday, 19 August 18 Caving – Brittania Creek Road  
Monday, 20 August 18  Caving, Construction and Knots Night  Penguins
W/end 24-26 August 18 Leadership Course – Rowallan  
Monday, 27 August 18 Scout Chef Trangia – Survival, Fire and Fuel Safety Night  Falcons
Sunday, 2 September 18 Father’s Day  
Monday, 3 September 18  Community Visit  Tazzie Tigers
Week of 3-8 September TC Planning for Term 4 Troop Council
Wednesday, 5 September Scout Chef  
Monday, 10 September 18  End of Term Activity (Curling)  Tazzie Tigers
Monday, 17 September 18 AED Training (to be confirmed)  Razor Wallabies
Monday, 17 September 18 Survival Camp Briefing  
Saturday, 22 September 18 School Holidays – Start  
Friday 21-25th September 4-day Camp 5th Keilor  
W/E 28-30 September 18 Survival Camp (potential additional 4 day Jamboree Camp)  
Monday, 8 October 18 School Holidays – Finish  

Term 2 Troop Program 2018

Term 1 Troop Program 2018

Term 4 Troop Program 2017

Term 3 Troop Program 2017

Term 2 2017 Troop Program

Term 1 Program 2017

Term 4 2106 Term Program

Term 3 2016 Troop Program


Term 1 2016 Troop Program